Privacy Policy

We at Abahouse International Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as the "Company") value our customers' privacy, and consider the careful protection of our customers' personal information to be an important responsibility of the Company. In order to ensure the peace of mind of customers who interact with the Company, we are committed to conforming to laws relating to the protection of personal information, and define and enforce the following Privacy Policy.

Policy for protecting customer information and procedures for the handling of such information

The purpose of gathering and using personal information

Personal information gathered from our customers will be used, as a general rule, solely for the purpose of providing information to our customers relating to Company products or services, or for the purpose of implementing operations that are attendant to such products or services, or for the purpose of improving Company products or services. In situations where personal information will be used for other purposes, such purposes will be explicitly communicated to the customer when he or she is asked to provide personal information. The Company will not use personal information for purposes other than appropriate purposes without the customer's consent.

Provision of personal information to third parties

The Company will provide customers' personal information to a third party only in the following situations:

  • The Company provides the minimum necessary amount of such information to administrative processing companies to whom the Company commissions its administrative functions, and with whom the Company has entered a personal information protection agreement.
  • The Company receives a legally binding inquiry for such information from a government agency.
  • The Company receives the customer's consent to provide such information to a third party.

Disclosing and changing registered information

The Company takes every step to ensure that our customers' personal information is accurate and up to date, and will act swiftly to any requests from our customers to disclose data held by the Company.

The Company will also correct, update, or delete our customers' personal data upon his or her own request.

Ongoing training to ensure best management practices

In order to ensure the protection of our customers' personal information, the Company will conduct regular verifications of ongoing employee training programs and internal organizational systems to identify any potential issues in these areas.

Procedures for handling personal information on the web

The handling of personal information on the web

(1) Security
The Company's website uses SSL encryption to transmit personal information to and from our website to prevent the theft or tampering of our customers' personal information during transmission.
We also implement a firewall and make our best efforts to prevent illegal access to our system and the leakage of information.
(2) Access log files
The Company's website utilizes access log files to gather statistical information such as usage, system processing capacity, usage trends, and otherwise.
This information makes up the basic sets of data to ensure that the site is always easy to use. It is not used to gather information that may identify individuals.
(3) Cookies
Some parts of the Company's website use cookies.
Cookies are small files that are transmitted between the Company's server and the customer's computer and, in some cases, may be stored on the customer's hard disk. This allows the site to identify the pages that a customer has already visited and control site behavior so that the customer is shown relevant content and not taken repeatedly to unwanted pages.
Cookies are not used to gather information that can identify an individual, and do not violate customer privacy. Please note that customers who have configured their browsers to not take cookies may experience limitations to website functionality.