• LOWELL Things

    LOWELL is the specialty store which decorates your life-style and where you can find your standard. To who enjoys blending basic and some point of trend by its suggestion from beautiful and functional original bags to selected fashionable bags, accessories, miscellaneous goods and so on, from inside and outside of the country.

    LOWELL Things

  • brand lineup :

    LOWELL, low's things, IACUCCI, PELLICO, MODALU, YAHKI, Heaschel, FREDRIK PACKERS, NUR, DONATELLA LUCCHI, Melissa McArthur, The 2 BANDITS, Orelia, sea`s mara, The Dallas, CONVERSE, New Balance, megumi ochi, EXTRAORDINARY JANE, Daniel Wellington, VIDA+, Petunia Pickle Bottom, Mud Pie, IPHORIA, fafa