Our business is aimed at offering a variety of possibilities through fashion to customer with international lifestyles and sensibilities.

Throughout today's diverse lifestyles we have proposed and created a new sense of value in our role as trendsetter.

We have achieved this by working closely with people who have various dreams in fashion,
and we'd like to seek out even more diverse possibilities whilst never descending into conservation.


EstablishedFebruary 28, 1986
Capital30 million Japanese Yen
ServicesDesigning, manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing. men's and women's garments, shoes and accessories
PresidentYoichi Magishi
Employees697(M/227, F/470)
Related companies AT-SCELTA Co.,Ltd., ABAHOUSE SIDE-B Co.,Ltd., OUTER LIMITS Co.,Ltd., ABAHOUSE INTERNATIONAL(ASIA)Trading Co.,Limited, ABAHOUSE INTERNATIONAL(SHANG HAI)Trading Co.,Limited, Demagogue Co.,Ltd., Blague Co.,Ltd., C-Crad Co.,Ltd., Abahouse Retailpartners Co.,Ltd.
Main clients Takashimaya Company Limited., Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores Co.,Ltd., Hankyu Hanshin Department Stores Inc., Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings, Sogo&Seibu Co.,Ltd., LUMINE Co.,Ltd., atre Co.,Ltd., PARCO Co.,Ltd., Marui Group Co.,Ltd., Hankyu Dentetsu Co.,Ltd.,
Main suppliers Mitsui Bussan Inter-Fashion Ltd., Marubeni Fashion Link,Ltd., ITOCHU MODEPAL CO.,LTD., Sumitex International Company, TEIJIN FRONTIER CO.,LTD.
Main banks Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, The Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ,Ltd., Mizuho Bnak,Ltd.
  • 1-26-20 Higashi Shibuya-ku Tokyo 1508514 Japan
  • TEL. +81-(0)3-3406-2600 【HEAD OFFICE】
  • TEL. +81-(0)3-3406-2625 【PRESS ROOM】


1978'ABAHOUSE', a men's label was launched.
1986Abahouse International Co. was established.
1990'5351POUR LES HOMMES', a men's label was launched.
1991'alfredoBANNISTER' , a shoes and accessories label was launched.
1996'Rouge vif' , a women's label was launched.
2000'DESIGNWORKS', a men's label, and 'Interstaple', an accessory label were launched.
2001Collex, a Life Style label was launched.
2002'qualite', a women's label was launched.
2004'DESIGNWORKS', women's line was launched.
2006'Nigel Cabourn', a men's label was launched.
2008ABAHOUSE INTERNATIONAL(SHANG HAI)Trading Co.,Limited was established.
2010Abahouse Paris Office was established in France.
2011'Piche Abahouse', an accessory label were launched.
2015'COHERENCE', a men's label was launched.
2016'LE TRIO ABAHOUSE', a business category store for men's & women's was launched.
'LOWELL Things', an accessory label were launched.
2018'CALMANTHOLOGY', a men's shoes label was launched.
'THE STORE by C', a business category store for women's was launched.

Effective as of February 2019.